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Lotus Pond Plants                

Looking to buy lotus pond plants for your pond? Here you'll find a wide assortment of lotus from red, white, yellow and pink. What's lovely about lotus flowers in your pond, is that they're scented and smell beautiful. Lotus flowers are also different than the normal water lilies and add a different characteristic to your garden pond.

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Red Lotus Flowers

L-01 Red Scarf

$36.00 Red Scarf  

L-02 Red Russian

$36.00 Red Russian  
Pink Lotus Flowers

L-03 Lavender Lady

Lavender Lady



No Image

L-04 Evening Shower

$36.00 Evening Shower  
White Lotus Flowers

L-05 Empress

$36.00 Empress  

L-06 Tulip

$36.00 Tulip  
Yellow Lotus Flowers

L-07 Mrs. Perry D. Slocum

$36.00 Mrs. Perry D. Slocum  

L-08 Perry's Giant Sunburst

Perry's Giant Sunburst



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Cheap, Discount Water Lilies & Pond Plants Specials at PondPlantsUSA.com!

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