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If your looking at buying pond plants online, you've come to the right place! Here you will find everything you need to bring your garden pond to life with beautiful hardy water lilies, scented tropical water lilies, night bloomers, lotus and other pond plants in our water plant catalogue.

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Hardy Water Lilies Colour Price Tropical Water Lilies Colour Price
Attraction Red 25.00 Charlie's Pride Red 30.00
Gloriosa Red 25.00 Dir. George T. Moore Purple 30.00
Red Spider Red 27.50 King of Siam Purple 30.00
Mayla Pink 27.50 Lindsey Woods Purple 30.00
Colorado Pink 25.00 N. Colorata Blue 30.00
Pink Ribbon Pink 25.00 Panama Pacific Purple 30.00
Sunny Pink Pink 25.00 Ruby Pink 30.00
Wanvisa Pink 45.00 Tina Purple 30.00
Inner Light Yellow 25.00      
Joey Tomocik Yellow 25.00      
Helvola Yellow 25.00      
Charlene Strawn Yellow 25.00      
Texas Dawn Yellow 25.00      
Moon Dance White 27.50      
Nymphaea Odorata White 25.00      
Virginalis White 25.00      
Clyde Ikins Peach 25.00      
Barbara Dobbins Peach 25.00      
Mangkala Ubol Peach 25.00      
Night Bloomers Colour Price Lotus Colour Price
Antares Red 36.00 Empress White 36.00
Jennifer Rebecca Red 36.00 Tulip White 36.00
Mrs. E.G. Hutchins Pink 36.00 Evening Shower Pink 36.00
Mrs. George C. Hitchcock Pink 36.00 Lavender Lady Pink 36.00
Red Cup Red 36.00 Mrs. Perry D. Slocum Yellow 36.00
Red Flare Red 36.00 Perry's Giant Sunburst Yellow 36.00
Trudy Slocum White 36.00 Red Scarf Red 36.00
Victoria White/Pink 75.00 Russian Red Red 36.00
Wood's White Night White 36.00      
Marginals - Pond Plants
Arrowhead 7.50 Lizards Tail 7.50
Bacopa Lemon 7.00 Pickerel Rush 7.50
Bog Lily 10.00 Spider Lily 10.00
Giant Bulrush 7.50 Sweet Flag 7.50
Canna 12.00 Variegated Sweetflag 7.50
Cardinal Flower 7.50 Dwarf Variegated Sweet Flag 7.50
Corkscrew Rush 7.50 Thalia Alligator Flag 8.50
Dwarf Papyrus 7.50 Thalia Powdery Water Canna 8.50
Iris Blue Flag 7.50 Umbrella Palm 8.50
Iris Louisiana (Kirk Strawn) 10.00 Soft Rush 7.00
Iris Louisiana (Mighty Rich) 10.00 Spike Rush 6.00
Iris Yellow Flag 7.50 Primrose 7.00

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Cheap, Discount Water Lilies & Pond Plants Specials at PondPlantsUSA.com!

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